Friday, May 26, 2017

Music Video Finale

Hello to all My beautiful readers! I am back with a new project to show you guys! However, I am sad to say that this is officially the last project of the year. Now, now let's wipe off that sad face and get back to the project! So as I was saying, I am back with another group project. This is a Music Video project! My team consist of 4 people in which we have Anthony Gallego, Stephanie Aguinaldo, Julian Bejar, and me as the groups team leader. The song that we chose to do is a K-pop song from actually my favorite group EXO. The name of the song is Dancing King in which EXO collaborated with a comedian host Yoo Jae Suk. When we were deciding about which song we wanted, we decide to do this song because we wanted to do something and challenging and at the same time fun. We figured that this would be the perfect song.

In this project, we are required to make a whole new storyline from what the actually music video of the song might be. Using the lyrics of the song, we created a whole new story. In our storyline for Dancing King, we decided to make a story about a group of friends who couldn't decide of who will be the leader of the group for an upcoming dance competition. They then went their own way and competed against each other to get the title of The Dancing King. In our first few scenes, it shows of how they first saw a poster for a dance competition. They decided that they should form their own group and join since they have a thing for dancing. However, when they tried to decide which of them should be the leader, they couldn't decide since they all wanted the position. They all ended up fighting and decided to part their ways a solo acts. In the middle of the storyline, they then decided to make a small competition for them instead to decide on who the leader should be with the help of a friend. In the end, one of them won and everybody accepted it and they went back to the group they made and continued signing up on the competition. The lyrics of the song doesn't match all of the storyline perfectly but we did try to make each storyline scene somehow relate to the lyrics.

As this school year progresses to the end, everything is all hectic. Because this is the last project of the year, all of us wants to show our best quality work about all the things we learned in this class. The most challenging parts of this project would be the communication. Being the leader of the group, I have to organize most of our meeting in time that we are all available. However, in sometimes, I would have a hard time communicating because some of my group wouldn't communicate. We had to have changes in some of the scene and it's setting on the last minute. It was really hard but we did our best to still complete the goal to the highest quality although some aren't in the original plan. I think the best part of this MV would be how some of the shots re taken. We did our best to make our shots creative and different. Overall, it is the most challenging project that I have ever done and I have learned a lot about it. However, we did have our peaks in this projects and that wold be our quality. I believe that the quality is on point. I also think that most of the storyline goals is achieve and that is to make it a fun video. To conclude everything, it has been a very challenging project that I learned a lot on and I am very happy of the results of work came out.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier


Hello everybody! I am back with another great and exciting project! Are you excited to know what it is? Try and guess what the new project. If you guessed another photoshop project then you are.......WRONG! Just kidding, the new project will be movie trailer! For this project we have new teams that consist of 4 people in a team. In my team I have JB Araula as our team leader, Cody Bailey, Anthony Gallego, and me. Our goal in this project is to make a 90-120 sec. movie trailer that is fictitious and keeps our audience captivated until the end without giving in the ending. In my group's trailer, we filmed a story about a girl who had lost her memories. She woke up without knowing a thing from her past and without no one telling her about it after one day, when she meets her childhood friend. Curious and confused, she went on through an adventure finding about her past. Sound good so far? Are you intrigued? I hope so! This movie trailer is called XIII Memory. In this project as a whole, my job is to play the main character of the movie. Along side that I am also in charge of making our posters and taking behind the scenes photos. From time to time I also help my group with the editing. So pretty much I do as much as everybody else in the group.

The making process of this movie trailer project was really fun! However, we did run into some problems. Our biggest problem was the synchronization of our audio and the actual film since all of our speaking parts were all dubbed. In some parts, the speaking parts did not match the way we spoke in the film. Another problem was our lighting. Since we had to re-film some of the shots, the lighting is different in every new shots we took. We wanted the new shots to have similar lighting with the original shot but in the end, we just re-record our speaking parts again to match the first one we took. On the other hand however, we did have a lot of accomplishments. One of those accomplishments would be having a very great poster. Another great accomplishment would be doing great editing our shots. Overall, it was a very balanced work sessions.

The results of our movie trailer came out very well! We received a good grade during our critique session and we highly understand why we got that grade. In some parts of our movie, we had parts that were above and beyond and some parts that we needed to improve on. I can see many things that we could've improve on that we missed during our last editing session. I learned a lot about making movie trailers. It was not easy as I thought it would be for a 90-120 second video. One of the things I learned is making sure to choose the day that fits the scenes specially when it comes to the natural lighting. Another lesson that I learned is making sure to record your audio first before you start filming. Most importantly, I learned how much time it takes to make a movie trailer and the effort it takes to make it to it's highest quality. This is another time management lesson for me specially when it comes to the planning. To sum it all up, it was a very fun and exciting project! My team and I definitely had a lot of fun making this project. I hope you like this project's blog and please enjoy the movie trailer. Stay tuned for the next up coming project!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Hey guys welcome back to my blog! It has been a long time since I have posted something and now I had comeback with a new project! For our new project, Metamorphosis Animation, we have established new goals and new things to do at a higher level as the year continues to go on. For this project, our goal is to create a 1-2 minute video about a focus statement we created in a artistic way of metamorphosis animation. This project is a group project that consist of 3 people in each team. My team is made up of two 8th grades and one 6th grader which are Stephanie Aguinaldo, Ella Anderson, and me as the nominated leader of the group. Once we got to our teams, the very first thing we did was to brainstorm our focus statements. After that, we typed up all of our ideas in my homework doc and chose our best top 2 to present to Mr. Sanderl. After getting approved for our ideas, we were then asked to put this focus statements into Google slides and present our ideas to the class. Using the class' help, we will be doing a short film based on the opinion and votes of each focus statement.

In our Metamorphosis Animation, my group mates and I came up with a focus statement that is called "Krystal Meets Friends". This is a story about friendship, change, and the art of letting go. The plot of our story is about a girl named Krystal who was new in town and is having a hard time making new friends because of her shy nature. Her mother then gives her a caterpillar that she names Joshua and later befriends in the story. In the end, the caterpillar grew up to a beautiful butterfly and so Krystal didn't want to let it go. She imagined herself being lonely again but in the end, she still lets Joshua go. In the end of the film, Joshua comes back to Krystal bringing her a gardenia which she smell and turns her to a butterfly. In the film, we will be making a story board to make our ideas come to picture. Three shots will be drawn for each scene. And just like the plot, it will be showing how Krystal and Joshua's friendship develops.

To start it all off, I thought that the results of my teams animation was pretty great. However, the final product was not what we expected it to be. My team worked at a somewhat slow paste because some of our scenes was not done at that that moment. We ran in to trouble on the last minute when the pen of our white board went missing and so we had to think of another way to do that scene which was scene 4. We decided to do it in stop motion animation but it took a pretty long time because it was pretty difficult to draw on the phone. But in the end we got it all done. Another problem we ran into is we didn't have any dialogue in our final product because they were too long and we did not have much of the folly because we only had a short amount of time left and we took so long compiling our shots. Also, the synchronization of our audio was not really what we wanted because the timing was done wrong and had cut out some of the music that we had wanted to be in the video. Going to the critique on the other hand, went great! When I saw our score for my group's work, I was surprised to see that we got a higher score than we expected. We personally thought that we'd probably get a 2 because we thought that it was not that high quality than we expected it to be. What even surprised us more is that we were picked as the class best by our collages. But overall, it was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot doing this project!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

If you were to ask people, “Are facial expressions universal?,” most likely, the majority of the people you asked may say “yes”. According to an article The Universally Recognized Facial Expressions of Emotion by Cole Calista, that facial expressions are varied to how people see it as. Some examples are by culture, religion, etc.. A scientific experiment by Paul Wolman was conducted to know whether facial expressions are universal. Ekman did many researches along with experiments that classified people’s expressions. As the progressed, his experiment expanded and received many recognition thus proving that facial expressions are universal. However, another research by Lisa Feldman Barrett concerned about Ekman’s tests. According to her research, it was difficult for the test subjects to identify pictures of facial expressions that was given to them. In my opinion, I believe that facial expressions are universal because, there's no language barrier to it like music. It doesn't matter where in the world you came from because those are one of the simple ways we communicate to one another. To think, of we were to watch a movie of any kind (from different countries), do you think you can watch actors just talk without facial expressions on their faces? Will you be able to tell whether it's a sad scene or a happy scene without actors showing emotions? Will you able to tell what emotions they are trying to express with showing a facial expression?

To make a low poly portrait first, you'll have to to pick a symmetrical portrait picture of either yourself or another person. The next step is to open that photo in Photoshop and make sure that the size is 8 by 11. Before going on, make a copy of the original photo and name it “Low Poly” and the other one “Portrait”. After that create a new layer and name it background and using the paint bucket, color it white. Make sure that you lock your background and portrait while position lock your low poly. Hide your portrait and start working on your low poly. After that set up a grid by going to view and enable grid. After setting up your photo, your next step is to outline the face of your subject. Using the line tool, make a line in the middle of the face and start outlining and working on the left side of the face. Make sure that the outline is #ff000 red color. The next step is now to start outlining your triangles. Starting with the hair, do your triangles by sections; hair, mouth, nose, and eyes. Merge the lines by its sections by pressing your first line of that section and clicking shift up to the last line and right click and merge layers. After that, your next step is to color your portrait. Using the polygonal lasso tool, outline the outside of your already made triangle and go to filter>blur>average to color in the triangles. Continue the process of outlining each triangle and easily press command F to use the same filter you used. After this process, select the left half of your portrait and select command J to copy. Name your layers left and right. Flip the right layer and using the other side of the face, line it up to connect to the left side of the face to complete your portrait. Keep your triangle outline on the left side of your grid and using the color overlay, color the your line white. Enable your white background and to finish it off, go to file and save as JPG with your last name and first name initial. Another way that you can make a Low Poly portrait is to skip the out lining process and directly using the polygonal lasso tool. Also instead of using the blur, press I to enable your eye dropper and press that area that's been outlined by the lasso to pick a color. Make sure to have a different shade of color if you have the same color to show the Low Poly effect. Now there you have it, now you can create your own low poly portrait!

On my first try on the Low Poly-1, it was first taken in a low resolution camera on a Mac computer. Our way of completing that project was to first out line the half of our face and do it the long way. On the other hand, our Low Poly-2 was taken with a higher resolution camera outside school and was not out lined like Low Poly-1. On the Poly-1 project, we filled in out portrait with color with a average blur filter after out lining it and one by one outlining it again using the lasso tool which took us less time. However, in the Poly-2 project we used the eye dropper tool and chose our own shade of color to fill in our triangles. Going back to the finishing touches of my Poly-1, after doing the same process over and over again, we cut our face in half and flipped it to connect to the other side of our face and have the same background. On the Poly-2 on the other hand, we did not cut anything but instead we worked on making our portrait pop out and having a nice looking polygonal background. Overall, there are many different ways to do a Low Poly Portrait.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature can be described in many different ways, just like the way I'm doing. I don’t really go out much however, I do interact with nature by simply watering plants and sometimes helping out my auntie with gardening vegetables. Another way I interact with nature is going out with friends and just simply hanging out outside as we walk around and take strolls. Another way I personally love is when the weather is nice and so I like to sit down on the grass as the wind blows through my face as I either do homework, listen to music, draw, or just simply read a book. Nature impacts my life in many different ways. Coming from a long line of family that all came from a rural province, my family has lots of experience out doors unlike me. For me, nature is another way to bond with my family specially with my parents and grandparents. Its a great way of learning how they used to live before since I was born in raised in the city. Going gardening out in the rice fields, going to rivers and washing clothes, or simply visiting relatives and tourist destination is all worth it! In my own personal opinion, nature is also away for me to calm down. Simply reading a book under a tree while listening to music on a breezy afternoon or star gazing under the glowing moonlight is the best way I could spend my leisure time because sometime, we just need a peaceful mind and surrounding.

In the video that we are making for this new project, Retime Nature, we are using two video techniques which are time lapses and slow-mos. Time lapses are created by simply taking a video for about five minutes or more and then speeding it up after. In our project, the class is using a environmental tripod (an object that you can find in nature to set your camera down steadily) to hold down our cameras and take the video and later speed it up on Final Cut Pro. On the other hand, slow-mos are done by taking the video close-up as macro and taking a video of the subject for about ten scones or more. Just like our timelapses, this also uses a environmental tripod and is later slowed down in Final Cut Pro. Editing however, was not easy!

During the time I was doing my project, there were many things that was going on all at one time. One part of the project that I really had a time on is my poem. At first, I didn't know how I would start it and ended up doing different kinds of poems. Another problem I encounter is finding a place where I can do my timelapses and making sure that my camera stays steady, this also includes my slow-mos. Also, there's a time that sometimes, editing gets a bit hard because of the time limit we have. But after figuring out how to solve those problems, I really did enjoy the project. My favorite part of the project is getting to take videos of the beautiful outside as we add effects on it. Another thing I really enjoyed is the part where I get to go out with my friend to film some of my timelapses and slow-mos. Overall, it was a very fun project and was a great experience.

Reflecting on my project, I thought that I did not as good as I want it to be. A few days ago, we were critiquing our project and during that time, all students voted on what grade you deserve to get according to our video we made. 3 people have voted for my video which I agree because I think I did better than a 1 and is pretty well made. Another 16 people then voted 2 for my video which I do agree upon because, as stated above, I did not do as well as I thought I would. One part of my video had passed the limit of the volume and parts of my video were shaky. Last but not least, is 8 people have voted 3 on my video which I kind of disagree to. I did not balance my audio perfectly although I believe that my AV log deserves it better than my video did. If I could do this again, I would've done my editing earlier and take better videos to incorporate in this project. Overall, I enjoyed this project very much and I do very much like the results that I have gotten as for a beginner's perspective.

Friday, September 2, 2016


To my knowledge, I think poetry is a type of writing that is formed with deep words and meaning. Just like a song, it can be long and short, however within those words holds up a story. That story is something turned into a small yet detailed stanzas. Overall to what I have said, it is a story that tends to be short yet meaningful. Most of the time, poems are used in many different things like photographs, work of arts, books, etc. Poems can also help describe these things in many different ways.

I strive for the best, a perfectionist you may say
To do my best in and outside school even though it may cause dismay
In this present day,
My passion is to draw, write, read, and learn even if it's a holiday
For I want to achieve the goals I've always year someday
My dream to be a photographer or a cook may sound cliche 
A passion that one day, I'd want to display
Although there may be many conflicts that may get in my way
Any apprehensiveness that I will have I will allay 
For problems are just another obstacle for me to play 

In my personal poetic statement that I have written above, I had used both rhythm and rhyme. I used rhythm because it creates a beat and flow to my poem, making it more interesting in some ways. It also helps me build up my word box and help me know what kind of pattern I will have to follow. As for the rhymes, I used it because it compliments the beat. Along side that, it also completes the poem and makes it look complete. Also, from my perspective, I think that the rhymes makes the poem more sentimental and deep, rather than just explaining what I want to be in the future and what I am now, which is kind of boring.